4 ways to find corner-to-corner crochet patterns

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Corner-to-corner crochet patterns are easy to come by. There are tons to be found online, and almost all for free. Here are 4 ways on how I search for my next project. 

1. Search for Perler beads patterns.

These patterns are made to use with regular Perler beads, but can easily be adapted to be used for your next corner-to-corner or pixel project. The beads simply represent one square in your work.


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If you go to Pinterest and search for ‘‘Perler beads pattern’’ you will find lots and lots of them. My daughter wanted a princess blanket, so I searched for ‘‘Perler beads Disney princess’’ and got tons to choose from.

On Pinterest you can find many perler beads patterns for your corner to corner crochet work

Follow one of the many Perler beads boards and you will get notified when new ones will be added to these boards. Just search on your keyword and select boards instead of pins, to find them.

Click on boards to find Pinterest boards reletated to your search term


2. Follow crochet groups on Facebook.

Personally, I use Facebook to be updated on all things related to crochet. By following crochet groups and liking pages, I have access to a lot of (mostly free) patterns.

For example, I follow the page ‘‘Crochet Graph Library’’, where you can find numerous patterns, stored in different albums. You can get the patterns for free!

Find corner to corner and pixel crochet patterns on Facebook

By following the groups and liking the pages, updates (and new patterns) will appear in your feed. Facebook is also the ideal place to find your next CAL. In general crochet groups, often CAL’s will be shared. It’s always nice to discover a graph from your favorite movie or a new Disney crochet pattern, just by browsing Facebook! I always save a post I like, so I will be able to locate it again later.

3. Find pixel patterns in books

There are a number of books available with pixel patterns. Some of them are created to use with Perler beads, and some of them are made with crochet in mind, like the new Corner to Corner lap throw e-book , created by Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me. Her blog got me started on my first corner-to-corner project, the Christmas blanket. These books give you a lot of new ideas, and you can use the patterns over and over again.

4. Create a corner-to-corner pattern yourself!

Go old school with markers and squared paper, and start coloring those blocks.

Or go digital. There are a number of online websites like Stitchfiddle that allow you to upload a photo and rework it into a crochet pattern. Or you can get a blank canvas, and start to create your own pattern, by coloring the squares. Simply save it, print it, and you will have created your own corner-to-corner pattern!

Where do you find a new corner to corner or pixel patterns?


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