Halloween Lalylala crochet pattern!

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This morning I was drinking my coffee, minding my own business, and scrolling through my Facebook feed. And then I found this amazing Lalylala Halloween crochet pattern:

Halloween Lalylala
Halloween Lalylala, so cute!

Lalylala series

I already was familiar with the beautiful Lalylala and the 4 seasons series, which I adore. Every season set has 3 different patterns, based on a season (and 1 for Christmas). I know that a lot of people requested more holiday themed patterns and now the Halloween version has arrived! You get 3 different Halloween crochet patterns, Frank, Brian and Diego

I’ve ordered mine and will start with Frank Frankenstein. The best part of these patterns is, that they come in all different languages, even my own! Can’t wait to give you an update on how this pattern works, and what the end result is.

What’s your favorite Lalylala pattern?


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