4 ways to find corner-to-corner crochet patterns

Corner-to-corner crochet patterns are easy to come by. There are tons to be found online, and almost all for free. Here are 4 ways on how I search for my next project.  1. Search for Perler beads patterns. These patterns are made to use with regular Perler beads, but can easily be adapted to be used […]

3 Tips before starting your first Crochet Corner-to-Corner project

This year I started noticing the corner-to-corner crochet blankets. So many cool patterns, but it seemed so difficult. No, said a colleague, it’s easy, just try it! Euhm, no. It looks difficult, so I didn’t even bother. Until I found this blanket from Repeatcrafterme. And then I really wanted to learn Corner to Corner crochet. In the blog […]