Why you need a Pinterest Business account!

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Almost 110 million people use Pinterest monthly, as a visual catalog, to search for recipes, decoration tips, birthday party ideas (me!!) or how to plan a wedding (nah.. not yet). If you are like me, you can spend hours and hours just browsing and pinning.Pinterest - Why you need a business account

But did you know that you can highly improve the traffic to your website? I mean, just browse Pinterest for “increase traffic blog via Pinterest”, and see how many results you get. 

Pinning images from your blog posts will lead pinners directly to your website. If your pin goes viral, this can have a major influence on your blog and business! That is why you want to make sure you start out with a good profile and add a good description on your pins, by using relevant keywords. Using the correct keywords will make sure your pins and boards become visible in the search results.

But why do you need a Business account?  

1. Pinterest Analytics

If you have a business account, you have access to one amazing feature: Pinterest Analytics.

You can see the average daily impressions and daily viewers of your pins or set your own time frame, to see how your pins are doing. If you click on “All Audiences” you can choose between an overview of all audiences or only your own followers.

This means you can exactly see which pins get repinned, saved or liked, and which ones aren’t.  By clicking on “Activity from your website” you can see how many views, saves, or likes the pins from your website received. Meaning, are your own pins attractive to people?

Who is your audience?

Furthermore, you can use Analytics to find out who your audience is. Who is saving, liking or repinning your pins? If you click on “People you reach”, and on “Demographics,” you can see the gender of your pinners, from which country they are, and their language.

Pinterest Benefit business language

But even better, if you click on “Interest”, you can see directly which other boards in Pinterest are of interest to your pinners, and even which brands they are following! You can use this information, to start engaging with those other boards and brands.


With this information, you can find out if you are targeting the right people. Are your posts and pins attracting potential customers?

Pinterest Benefit business

Everything revolves about being found. In the overall view, you can see which pins are performing best in a Pinterest search.

2. Rich pins

If you have a Business Pinterest account, Rich pins are an option. These are pins with added information, like price, description (product pin) or the ingredients for a recipe (recipe pin). The main difference with a regular pin is that Rich Pins use metadata, placed on your website, meaning the data is always up to date.  

If you would like to learn more about rich pins, check out: How rich pins can improve your traffic and your sales. 

Example rich pin recipe

3. You can verify your website

Having a business account means you can verify your website. This will allow users to see your full website URL on your profile and sets up your Analytics section.

4. Promoted pins

If you really want control on how often your pins are being promoted, check out Promoted Pins. These are pins, where you pay for them to be seen in relevant categories, search results, or home feed. You can set up different marketing campaigns in Pinterest: To create Awareness, Aim for engagement or Gain traffic. At this moment they are only available for business accounts from the UK, US, and CA.

 5. Promote you brand, blog, business

See Pinterest as a big part of your marketing strategy. Even if you are small, just starting a business, take yourself and Pinterest serious, by creating a business account. By creating a good and complete profile, your appearance will be professional. If you engage with other pinners, you are getting your brand out in the open. See it as establishing brand recognization. The more people see your logo and pins, the more likely they will go to your account and start following you.

Ok, I need a business account, how do I do this?

It’s real easy

1.Go to your Pinterest account.

2. Got to Pinterest for Business

Convert to a Pinterest business account

3. Choose the correct business type (Professional)

Choose the business type

4. Click on Convert

Convert to a Pinterest business account

And you are done!

Do you have any Pinterest tips? Share them in the comments.

Have an amazing day!



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