How Rich Pins increase your traffic and your sales!

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You probably already heard about Rich Pins. But what are they, and most of all, how can they help your blog or business?

What are Rich Pins?

Rich pins are enhanced pins with extra information, displayed on the pin itself. This can be information like the product description or the price of your product.

Once you have setup Rich Pins, a potential customer will see all relevant information on your pin and this can’t be changed by anyone. Meaning nobody can take credit for your pin!

Rich Pins use Metadata

Rich Pins will retrieve this information directly from your website by using metadata.

You have to make sure your website is setup correctly. This metadata is embedded in your website and uses the information available to enhance your rich pin. If you change the data on your website, it changes the information on the pins on Pinterest!

This means that you have up-to-date information on your pin all the time! If you make a price adjustment, the price on all the pins (pinned by Pinterest users) will change into the correct price!

Free Pinterest email notification

It used to be that, if you had a Rich Pin and offered a promotion of a 10% or more discount, Pinterest would send a free email notification to all the persons that pinned your pin. Since 2015 this only applies for Buyable Rich Pins. But please look at the amazing opportunity of getting a free promotional email send to all the persons that already showed interest in your products.

If 5000 people pinned your product, a free email will be sent to those 5000 people! 

Currently, there are 4 different types of Rich Pins*

1. Product Pins

Product pins are extremely helpful if you want to promote your own product and increase your sales.

It will immediately provide potential customers with a price, a description, the website where they can buy the product and the availability.

A product pin must link to the product landing page, where you can purchase the product. Linking to your website, when you only show these products but don’t sell them is not appreciated by Pinterest.

Pinterest rich pins product

A lot of creative entrepreneurs sell via Etsy. Pins from this website will have product information available in 24 hours, you don’t need to add any markup. This is also the case for pins from Teachers Pay Teachers and Ebay.

2. Article Pins

Use Article pins to garanty your pin always contains your name as a creator!

You have just written the best blog post ever. A lot of bloggers create an image promoting their blog post and upload it to Pinterest, to boost your traffic.

But what if somebody takes your pin, and changes the text, including your website? Your post can go viral without you earning all the credits! 

With an article Rich Pin, it will show the headline or title, the description and you as an author of the article or blog post. This can’t be changed, only if you change something on your website!

3. Recipe Pins

Good news for the food bloggers! A Recipe Pin lets you add a title, cook time, a serving size and ingredients to all the recipes from your blog or website. Your readers will thank you for the ingredients list!


4. App install Pins

If you want to direct people to the App Store, use the app pin. Pinners can download your app, without leaving Pinterest. This is currently only available for iOS users.

More traffic and promotional opportunities!

There is so much you can gain from using Rich pins. From more traffic and amazing free promotional opportunities (leading to more sales) to making sure that if your pin goes viral, it has your name and your website on it! 

If you already have some experience with Rich Pins, please share with me how it works for you!

* Since Jan 2017 Place and Movie pins are no longer supported by Pinterest

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