Creating a Project life based mini book in 1 hour

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Every now and then I will indulge in making a mini book. It’s so easy to do and with little time and little effort, you can create something that you can treasure for a long time. Because it doesn’t take long, it gives you a sense of accomplishment, which feels awesome.

My mini books are mostly created with a theme in mind. This makes it easier to get all the supplies I need, and decide which photos to use.


A little while ago, I needed a small gift to give my mother. I knew I had some printed photos of the kids, and decided to create a mini book. Because I wanted quick progress,  I decided on using Project Life cards and the new Becky Higgins project life card trimmer I got at Scrobby. (Project Life is a simple way of memory keeping, created by Becky Higgins,  to document your photos along with your everyday stories. You use pocket pages, your photos and Project Life cards.)

An hour later I had created this cute little mini-book containing 24 cards and photos!

My Project life based mini book

5 Steps on how I create this little treasure

Step 1: I sort out the photos that I want to use. It works best if you already picked a theme, like summer, happy days, a walk in the forest, etc.

Step 2: I choose the Project Life cards that I like. These are from the Doodle Project Life kit and have a happy, party-like feel to it, which matched the vibe I was going for with the photos.


I used the Project life Core Kit Doodle
I used the Project life Core Kit Doodle


Step 3: Choose the sort order that fits. Combine a great photo with a matching Project Life Card. For example, a photo of my 2 kids together is followed by a card saying: So awesome together! It’s that easy. The last card has a text saying: Enjoy every moment.

Working on my Project Life minibook
Working on my Project Life mini book

Step 4: Cut all the photos to the correct size with the Project Life cutter (or a regular scissor)  and then adhesive them together. I used a photo tape roller from Hema to do this.  I used an EK tools circle punch as well, to cut out some circles with the faces of my children and added them to an existing card. This way I could emphasize their smiles!

Step 5: Punch a hole in the top of all the cards, with a regular puncher and add a binder ring (or a ribbon). Don’t forget to add all the cards in the correct order, before punching a hole!   I added a regular ring, used for mini books and added a ribbon. I can’t remember where I got that one, but any cute ribbon will do.

Yes! Your book is ready!

My mom loved the book and kept looking in it all evening. So much fun to see how easy you can create something so loved.

Do you make mini books? Please put a link in the comments, so I can see yours!




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