Which free fonts does Ali Edwards use?

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For me, Ali Edwards is the story-telling queen. I love every single one of her products, including her classes and the Story kits. If you don’t know her, go check her out, she has a completely different level of story-telling and will help you to improve yours.

She is all about getting your story out there, and not to fuss too much about it. That is why she uses the same font in her scrapbooking and project life a lot. This makes sense if it works, it works, right? Often I see the question; what are the fonts she uses? That is why I searched her blog and discovered the following fonts.

What fonts does Ali Edwards use? 

Most used: Remington Noiseless. This is an amazing typewriter font and my personal favorite. Below you can see a layout I created using this particular font. You can find it for free on Dafont.com. 

Layout using Remington Noiseless

Second: Garamond and Sentinel. She uses these fonts mostly in her project life spreads. You can find the Sentinel font here and the Garamond font here. You can download them for free.

Sentinel font

Garamond font

If you are searching for a specific font, you can always check Creativemarket. I go there when I need a good font, for commercial use, but is not too expensive.

Which font do you prefer?




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