4 ways to find corner-to-corner crochet patterns

Corner-to-corner crochet patterns are easy to come by. There are tons to be found online, and almost all for free. Here are 4 ways on how I search for my next project.  1. Search for Perler beads patterns. These patterns are made to use with regular Perler beads, but can easily be adapted to be used […]

How Rich Pins increase your traffic and your sales!

You probably already heard about Rich Pins. But what are they, and most of all, how can they help your blog or business? What are Rich Pins? Rich pins are enhanced pins with extra information, displayed on the pin itself. This can be information like the product description or the price of your product. Once […]

My favorite podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

Obsessed I must admit, I’m slightly obsessed with podcasts. It started when I discovered Elise Joy’s podcast, and hasn’t stopped since. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t enjoy the silence.   Even in school, when I did my homework, I always needed some background music. Nowadays I divide my time listening to music and podcasts. […]

Google Keep: 8 Reasons why you want to use it. (Even for craft projects)

I’m basically a paper addict. I’m in love with everything paper. From notebooks (yes, I needed this Star wars Moleskine), to post-its,  scrapbook paper, and cute to-do books. I was used to taking notes on paper, because I went to school before laptops were even an option). But when I started a new job a […]

5 reasons why you want to join a crochet along

  If you ever participated in a CAL (Crochet Along) you experienced how much fun it is to work on the same project, with people you don’t know, but are all dedicated to finishing. A crochet along is a group of people following along with a project, where the patterns and explanation will be provided […]