15 Craft Fair Must Read Tips & Tricks

It’s the season again. Craft fairs are an awesome way of selling your work and promoting your brand. But it is also a lot of work, where you can use all the information and tips fellow crafters can provide you. Don’t apply for all the fairs Do some research on the fairs before you apply. […]

Harry Potter favorite items

Last Friday I visited the Harry Potter exhibition in Utrecht. It was a long drive (almost 2 hours to get there) but we were having a few days off, so I decided to go anyways. It was special to see all the movie props. You could see a lot of clothing, worn in the movies […]

Creative Market – Get 6 free design goodies per week!

If you are building your brand, blog or website, you probably have spent some time thinking about design. For your brand, you need a logo, for your blog/website, you need a theme. When I started blogging, I was looking for a WordPress theme and a logo, without hiring an expensive designer. What is Creative Market? After looking on several […]

Can you use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest? The answer is..

I’ve seen several people ask this question, on forums and Facebook. Without a real answer. I even found a blog post that tells you you can. But I wanted to know for sure. You know how important it is, to get your facts straight when using an affiliate program. So I decided to go to […]