Hubelino Marble Run. Or how to keep your kids busy for hours

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Normally I have no trouble finding presents for my kids. Really. I don’t. But this year, my son turned 3, and I had NO IDEA. What so ever. Normally I would say, Duplo blocks. But we already have so much.

He got the Duplo train last year for Christmas and still loves to play with it. He has enough train tracks to build a railway connection throughout the entire living room.
A colleague of mine recommended a push bike, but he got one last year. It was a hit from day 1. He still uses it almost every day (only outside these days… )

Birthday panic

So about a week before his birthday, I still had nothing! But then my friend told me about Hubelino,  a marble run, that is compatible with Duplo! There are several boxes, but because I already own Duplo, I bought the Hubelino box with the marble track additions. And I’m so happy I did.

Works perfectly!

He hasn’t stopped playing with it since. It fits perfectly and doesn’t lose grip over time. We build a small track for him at first, so he could start to use it straight away. He can build on his own but really likes to build together with somebody else. Building this marble run is also a big hit with his (6-year-old) sister. And about every other child that comes to play at our house.









To challenge his big sister more, we build bigger towers together and even tried to add several starting points to the tracks and create our own race. She likes to add regular Duplo, like the animals and little windows.

Educational toys

When I buy a toy I always want to have some kind of educational part. In this case, he has fun playing and he is creating new insights.  And I don’t have another additional set of toys laying around, this just goes in the box with the Duplo set. Which is kind of important (for me) as well.

What do you suggest as a present for a little boy? 


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