What to post on Instagram?

what to post on Instagram as a business

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People are all over Instagram. Me personally? I love it. It’s easy, fun and doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Try Pinterest and you’re lost for hours. But as a shop owner or blogger, you can’t always post everything.  So, what can you post on Instagram?

Stay connected with your niche

Keep your Instagram posts related to your website/blog topic. If you’re a mommy blogger, of course you can post pictures of your children or a party or even photos showing your new garden. But if you are a font designer, your followers wouldn’t expect family pictures on an Instagram account, but more work related posts. For example, a quote made with your latest font. 

10 Instagram post ideas

1. Show where you work. What is your workplace? Do you have a dedicated room or even a studio? What is your view if you are working? How did you organize your workspace?

2. Which supplies do you need? For example, If you paint, show the paint you use, the mess you make and paintings that are work in progress.  

3. Quotes. Everyone loves quotes! And the fun part is, there are even packages you can buy with awesome quotes already ready for Instagram. 

Design by Nebula Design Studios
Design by Nebula Design Studios

4. Keep your followers updated! Show news regarding your shop or your products. Did you add anything in your Etsy shop? Did you use new supplies? Painted your workspace? Everything that gives your followers more information about your brand and what it stands for.

5. Do you travel a lot? To and from your work? Take the train? Show bits and pieces of how you travel, for example, your bike, or the spot in your train, where you sit every day. 

6. Testimonials. Sometimes you get a testimonial from a customer. Whether it is on Facebook, or on Etsy, it doesn’t matter. Share this testimonial and thank the customer! (don’t provide his or her full name). 

7. Share your love for another crafter/business owner/entrepreneur. This is an easy one, there are so many creative and amazing people out there!

8. Giveaway. If you create your own products, do a giveaway. It might not always gain you dedicated followers, but it will give your more brand awareness. If you don’t create your own products, combine this post with a sponsored post on your blog and use this product for the giveaway

9. Show your product. Use a mockup template and show your product. You can find several mockup templates here

10. Instagram Stories: a perfect way to show a personal touch. I love to watch people show their workspaces, their surroundings, their Project Life Album etc. 

Don’t forget to have fun on Instagram! Engage with your followers, and connect with other creative Instagrammers. Social media is all about being social!

Have a nice day!

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