What is Project Life and why it changed my way of scrapbooking!

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Taking photos is something that is integrated into my life. I use a Nikon camera and since a couple of months my iPhone to take a lot of photos. For a long time, I was searching for a way to combine the passion for taking photos that tell a story with the desire to write down those stories. Scrapbooking is too time-consuming, and I wanted a more clean look. Big or small stories. I wanted to remember them. 


Two things have helped me get my stories out there. The Storykits by Alie Edwards and Project Life. I will mention the Story Kit another time, now I want to show you how I use Project Life. 

What is Project Life?

Project Life is created by Becky Higgins. She wanted to find a way to simplify scrapbooking, to make sure memory keeping would become fun and easy again. 

With Project Life, you use photo pocket pages, Project Life cards, and your own photos. You pick your photos, write your memory on the card and put them into the protector. There are several kinds of pocket pages and several binders for you to put them in.

I use the cards for a lot of other things as well, for example creating mini-books. There are so many collections, it’s difficult to choose. My favorite is the Everyday Edition Core Kit.

If you’re from the Continental United States, you’re in luck. Becky offers free shipping when you order is $35 or more. If you are from Europe, you’re better off ordering from Amazon due to the shipping costs. Or you can go digital. Check out her digital store here

How often do I work on Project Life?

A lot of people do a weekly spread. They write down per week, what happened and add photos. I do it differently. Per month I document what I want to remember, for example, a trip to the zoo or a pool party at our house. Next to that, I take the time to write down other important things like8 things my son loves at the moment. Or all the crazy things my daughter says. 

Last week I used 2 photos and 1 card and wrote a story about how we created a cherry crumble with cherries from our own garden. And how this reminded us of grandma. Those little big stories are important.

I find almost nothing more relaxing than working on my Project Life. I don’t print the photos at home.  I select the photos, add them to my Project Life folder on my desktop and will create an order monthly. For printing, I use Hema (a Dutch company). You can select a white border around the photo, which makes it look so cool and clean! 

I can’t process all my photos!

I don’t feel any pressure to use all my photos in my spreads. This because I still create one regular photo album (online) a year. This way I get to an overview of all my photos and don’t feel the need to add every single photo into my project life spread. I can work on the details and the story behind the photo. 

My kids love it already. They often go through the albums and even say: Mom, look! That was a long time ago! (he’s 4..)

If you want to see more Project Life cards, albums or embellishments, visit Becky Higgins.com

What do you do? Do you create Project Life spreads? Do you still scrapbook? Please let me know, I ‘m always curious.




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