Can you use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest? The answer is..

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I’ve seen several people ask this question, on forums and Facebook. Without a real answer. I even found a blog post that tells you you can. But I wanted to know for sure. You know how important it is, to get your facts straight when using an affiliate program. So I decided to go to Amazon and contact them. I really couldn’t find the answer on their website, so I send them an email, and they quickly responded the following.

So, can I use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest?

Not for Amazon in the US and CA. But YES for Amazon in the UK!

For Amazon US, you can’t use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. You can, however, use them on the following social media: (answer directly from Amazon on the 29th of July 2017)

Where can you use Amazon US Affiliate links?

  • Facebook (fan pages, business pages, open groups only)
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Twitch

However, if you sign up for Amazon UK, you can use affiliate links on Pinterest! 

Why can I use Pinterest for and not for Amazon US and CA?

 Amazon US and Amazon CA has a different associate program than Amazon UK. They confirmed the UK version does allow Pinterest links. Think about all those possibilities! Signup here

What is an Amazon Affiliate program?

For those that don’t know. Amazon has an affiliate program that allows bloggers to monetize their blog/website. For example, if a blogger writes a blog post about their favorite crochet needle, she can link to that same crochet needle on Amazon.

When the reader clicks on the link and purchases that needle, the poster will receive a small commission. Some bloggers make hundreds, by using affiliate links. But every affiliate program has guidelines, that a blogger can’t break, otherwise, they will get kicked out.

Are you using Affiliate programs?