Free pumpkin crochet pattern, planner stickers and inserts and Fall Project life cards!

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Another week, another Friday Fun Link edition..

Friday Fun Links!


Amazing planner store! Pumpkin Paperco!

If you are a planner girl, you will love this Etsy store. A store all about beautiful and funny planner stickers and planner inserts! Most of her designs include a cute little girl called Terra. Her products vary from stickers to planner inserts,  beautiful fall washi tape and even cute die cuts! 


Gorgeous fall planner insert

What I love is that there are stickers for every subject that you want to include in your planner: movies, swimming, work, hiding from problems (for real) Netflix stickers and much more. Take a look at one of the best selling planner stores on Etsy! 


Harry Potter planner insert

Harvest Crochet Pumpkins pattern shares this free crochet pattern with all of us! The pattern is easy and provides a complete list of materials necessary. This one is being added to my crochet to-do list. (yes, the one that gets longer every week.)

free crochet pattern pumpkin


Looking for beautiful crochet patterns to be used as newborn photo props? Read my “10 gorgeous crochet patterns for newborn photoshoots!”

How to find the time to scrapbook

I admire Laura Wonsik. She is known for making gorgeous scrapbooking spreads and sharing them with us on her Instagram account. It feels like she is always creating! A while ago I asked her, please tell me your secret, how do you get so much done!! And she actually wrote a blog post about it already! Read her tips on how to find time for scrapbooking! It really will help you get motivated!

Laura Wonsik scrapbooking


Autumn Vibes Templates by Paislee Press

Liz always creates minimalist cards and templates, with lots of white space and thoughtful font pairings. I often buy her products to to the fact that it adds value to every photo you include. In addition, there are Project Life cards and matching embellishments to complete your scrapbooking spreads about Fall.  
Paislee Press autumn scrapbooking and project life
Have a nice weekend!

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