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Another week, another Friday Fun Link edition..

Friday Fun Links!


Crochet pattern doll Tonya

Not fall or Halloween related, but this gorgeous red-haired girl popped on my Facebook feed, and I loved it! When I browsed through her shop, I noticed how beautiful and well designed her products are. Take a look, you will be surprised how lovely all her patterns turn out.

Crochet pattern cute doll

Ali Edwards 31 Things classes

I feel like this time of year is perfect for making lists. Whether you already created goals for next year, or you are working on a Thankful Edition, lists are everywhere. 

If you are a list maker, you will love 31 Things by Ali Edwards. I have purchased it this year, and although I have scribbled down a couple of texts and started a template in Photoshop, I didn’t finish it yet. 

31 Prompts class Ali Edwards

With her last mega sale, I purchased the kit that goes along with it. But the beauty of her work is that you don’t even need her products, her power is in how she makes you tell a story (I have said it before, but it’s true).
31 Things Ali Edwards
I’m planning to start working on it in November, one per day. This is just something that I want to do for myself. 


Extra.. Not a link, but so much Halloween fun!

How to create candy filled chocolate witch hats for a kids Halloween party!

 Chocolate candy filled Witch Halloween
1. Melt chocolate and cover an empty ice cream cone in the chocolate. Be careful, the chocolate is hot!


2. Fill the cone with some M&M’s and close of the cone with a chocolate cookie. Make sure that you have covered the whole cone in chocolate. This is when I added some little candy, which stuck due to the still warm chocolate.


You can seal the cone by adding some extra chocolate on the edge, where the cookie touches the cone.


3. Let it cool in your fridge, the cookie will stick!


4. Tadaa, your surprise candy filled chocolate witch hat is ready!

The kids will love it, especially when they hear the candy inside!


Documenting natural disasters

On a more serious note, there have been a lot of natural disasters in the world lately. Thousands of homes have been destroyed by natures forces, like fire or flooding.

Blog post on how to save your photos from disasters

Though you might not think of it at first, people are also losing the memories they have kept, for example, photos.

Project Life owner Becky Higgins has acknowledged this and created an in-depth blog post with actual stories of people affected, and tips on how to keep your memories safe in case this ever happens.

She also created the FREE project life disaster kit for those who want to document even the hardest of times. 


Instagram treasure! Brandi Kincaid

Since a couple of years I have been following Brandi on Instagram. She became one of my first Instagram friends, and I love her kind personality, her writing & creative work. She is simply amazing. If you scrapbook, use Project Life or love doodles, check her feed.


Brandi Kincaid Leading Lady project
Have a nice weekend!


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