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While browsing online and checking blogs and Instagram, I often see beautiful, funny or educational things I want to share. So here are my

Fun Friday Links


1. Mother of dragons – Sweater 

I don’t know if you are watching Game of Thrones. Chances are you do since it is a huge hit. I still have to start watching the show but when I saw this sweater made by Withcongratulations, it made me laugh because a lot of people have little dragons at home…



2. “Catalog of beauty” blog post by Handsfreemama

This one hit home. I really encourage you to read about what Rachel calls a “catalog of beauty”. Be aware of what matters and what is important.


3. Unicorn scarf by The Velvet Acorn

I really want to try this gorgeous crocheted unicorn scarf, but I’m afraid to start. I have liked the pattern, and know I’m going to have to make it, before my daughter gets too old for unicorns (is there such a thing? Be too old for unicorns?) I’ve only heard good feedback on these patterns from the Velvet Acorn, and she has sold a lot of them (266.000 and counting..), so I probably will try this one, when I finished my other projects. If I ever do..

Do you want to read more about TheVelvetAcorn? Read my blog post about her Etsy store and patterns here.


4. Cheap font deals!

You can always find free fonts. Which I can highly recommend for DIY projects, to be used in your home. But if you are going to create a printable for your blog or if you are going to sell one, you need a commercial license. By using those free fonts, it’s not always certain that these are included.

For my commercial projects, I make sure that I purchase a font with a commercial license included. This means I’m always looking for nice and not too expensive fonts.
The other day I discovered the $1 deals from the hungry jpg, where you get fonts for 1 buck!  This not only applies to fonts, but I have seen some cool graphics for sale as well. With a discount of up to 90%, this is a page I’ve bookmarked and will look at on a regular base! 


5. Star Wars posters
This really doesn’t need any words, how COOL is this! If you’re looking for a gift for any Star Wars fan (including yourself) check out this awesome sophisticated Star Wars prints. 

6. A day in the life by Ali Edwards

Ali Edwards is my storytelling hero. I love her classes and projects because they MAKE you tell a story. It’s not about how beautiful her products are, although that helps. No, she is set on helping you to get your stories out there instead of adding supplies to your scrap room. Next month she will do another Day in the Life project, where she will document her day and invites you to do the same.

Check out her latest day in the life documentation, so you will understand why I love this concept so much.


Have a lovely weekend!

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