free harry potter calendar printable, halloween corner to corner blanket pattern and Halloween ghosts!

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While browsing online and checking blogs and Instagram, I often see beautiful, funny or educational things I want to share. So here are my 

Fun Friday Links


1. Harry Potter Calendar

On Pinterest, I came across this amazing Harry Potter calendar, which you can download for free on the CottageMarket site! I have printed one for my daughter, added a nice bow, and she was so happy! There is also a Star wars calendar available. Still enjoying the fact that she offers them for free! Print them out on high-quality card stock, and you have a cute little gift for any Harry Potter or Star Wars fan!


2. Easy and fun Halloween crochet blanket

I’m a big fan of Sarah from Repeatcrafterme.  I learned to do the C2C crochet stitch, just to make this Christmas blanket. Now she has created a new corner-to-corner crochet pattern!



She created a cute little black cat, looking up to an itsy bitsy spider. It’s a fun project and it will not take up that much of your time. She mentioned it could be done in 5 days if you dedicate yourself to it. I have started already, but I’m busy and a slow crocheter, so I’m glad there are still a few more weeks before Halloween. 


3. Christmas Stock Bundle

Are you already preparing your online store for Christmas? Lucie from White Hart Design Co send me an email yesterday, where she promoted her Christmas Botanical Bundle of mockups and styled stock photography.  I really like the clean and sophisticated look of her pictures and mockups. She owns a store on CreativeMarket if you want to see more of her products.




4. AuntLilliesAttic Etsy Shop

This shop is full of unique handmade ornaments. I’m intrigued by these little figures, and can’t really decide if they are cute or just scary. I just can’t stop looking at the ghost faces! 

Not sure if I’m scared of this one or think he (she?) is really cute.


5. A Halloween slider card tutorial

This video tutorial was partly shown on the Instagram Lawn Fawn account. I found the long version on Youtube today. These little ghosts are one of my favorite Halloween stamps, together with the “cute outfit” set.


The Stamp set she uses is: Lawn Fawn Ghouls

My current favorite: Lawn Fawn Costume Party

6. Looking to learn calligraphy?

Check out the Postman Knocks. She has amazing calligraphy tutorials and creates gorgeous designs. You can follow several workshops on her website. A couple of years ago I purchased a couple of her worksheets but wasn’t dedicated enough.  I still get her newsletter though and am amazed at how beautiful her work is and how well thought and in-depth her blog posts are. She shows you step by step how to create those awesome envelopes or cards.

If you are interested in Hand Lettering, read my review on “Handlettering, how it’s done” here.

Hope you have liked these links. Enjoy your weekend!


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