5 reasons why you want to join a crochet along

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If you ever participated in a CAL (Crochet Along) you experienced how much fun it is to work on the same project, with people you don’t know, but are all dedicated to finishing.

A crochet along is a group of people following along with a project, where the patterns and explanation will be provided on certain dates. Together you will work on this pattern, until you finished the project.

What I love about a Crochet Along

1. Sharing your work with people that understand

You can share your work with people who understand what you are doing, or better yet, have the same passion. We all have those friends or family members that just don’t get it. And aren’t afraid to tell you. I even had one uncle asking me why I was wasting my time with crochet instead of doing something useful. So, instead of having to defend why you crochet, you will get encouragement, motivation and maybe even make some new friends along the way.

2. You can ask for advice

If you’re stuck and need help, there is always someone online that will help you. Or maybe already had the same struggle and posted about it. Also, some CAL’s will provide instruction videos to help you with new techniques.

3. Peer pressure

Everyone knows the feeling. You are full of energy, eager to start, and after a couple of weeks, life happens. But if you keep seeing others posting their work and by having a new pattern available every week, you are more likely to continue, due to these motivational factors.

4. You get results fast

If you follow a CAL, you will be working on smaller patterns, or in the case of a blanket CAL, even only a few rows per week. Fast results will deliver you instant gratification, which makes it easier to stay motivated.

Repeat crafter me crochet along
Repeat crafter me crochet along

5. Discover new stitches and techniques that can be used for other projects

Most likely you will find new techniques that you haven’t learned yet, or discover new stitches that you can use for other projects. For example, I have found an amazing CAL, where the goal is to create a beautiful blanket.

They use a lot of different stitches, and for a beginner, it looks intimidating! However, they have an instruction video for every stitch they use, which makes it so much easier. Even if you don’t follow the CAL, save these instruction videos. You might need them again.

And you?

Have you ever participated in a crochet along? Which one? After I finished the Repeat crafter me Christmas CAL, the Princess and Villains CAL from Two Hearts Crochet will be on my list.


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