15 Craft Fair Must Read Tips & Tricks

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It’s the season again. Craft fairs are an awesome way of selling your work and promoting your brand. But it is also a lot of work, where you can use all the information and tips fellow crafters can provide you.

Don’t apply for all the fairs

Do some research on the fairs before you apply. It would be a waste of time if the organization of the fair is totally not your style. Is this the correct craft fair for your products and brand? Go to their website and check how they promote it.

Also,check the booth requirements. What are the options, what are the costs, are there shared booths, full-size booths? What are the sizes? Are side walls allowed? 

Everyone has a sweet tooth

Make sure you have some free candy/food available. Attracting your audience with something sweet, will get them closer to your boot and make them take a better look at your products. And this is the perfect time to get the conversation going. 

Make sure you get noticed by children!

Moms go where their children go. If you can add something to your table/booth that draws attention from kids, the likelihood is they will ask their parents to go see what is going on. Another way to get potential buyers close to your products!

Sell items in different pricing categories. 

Not all people attending a craft fair have the same spending options. This means that somebody can buy a blanket for 180 dollars, and someone else will buy a hat for $15. Make sure you have differently priced items on your table, so you have something to offer for everyone. 

Give them something to remember you

Offer business cards, with your social media account on it. Offer a signup for your email list.

Make price tags

I don’t know about you, but I hate to ask what an item costs. If I can’t see a price anywhere, I lose interest. So add a little price tag to your products. I promise you, it will make a difference to attract more introvert people (people that don’t like to ask questions.)

Show your brand!

If you have created a name, a brand for yourself and your work, make sure you show it! Add signs with your name/logo to your booth, show your business cards, and most of all show yourself! You are your brand!

Limit your items

Some people are extremely creative in different fields. Like crochet and woodwork. But keep the different categories limited, so your work isn’t all over the place.

Keep your boot stocked

So you are selling everything! Yeah!! But don’t leave your booth half empty. Keep some extra stock hidden, so you can restock your best sellers. It feels good to have sold your entire booth, but if you can sell, even more, go for it!

Show what kind of payments you accept

Always make sure you offer more payment options. And show your audience how they can pay for your product in advance (a little sign will do (I accept cash, credit cards etc.)

Also, make sure you have enough change! You are always short on 1 dollar bills. Customers are using 20 dollar bills a lot. I would start with about $100 cash in bills, and focus on the 1 dollar bills.

Create cross-sell opportunities.

If a customer buys a scarf, let her see that you also have a matching hat. Or earrings to go with that necklace. Who doesn’t love a nice combination! 

Don’t forget to take care of the inner you

Bring some food and drinks. You will get hungry. And you do want to snack.

Bring a partner

You’re not a robot. You are going to have to go to the bathroom. Or you want to make a stroll to see what the other crafters are doing. Leaving your booth empty isn’t an option, so bring somebody along for the ride.

Inform your public.

“O my gosh, this would look so good in (insert any color).”  If you hear this, jump in and tell them you can make the item in different colors. But don’t overdo it. If you give people too many options, they will freeze. You have a set of beautiful items already available, where they can choose from. 

Follow the new trends.

Last year we had the messy hair bun. This year we have Unicorn blankets. I keep myself up-to-date by following several crochet Facebook groups. You will always notice new trends, just by following what patterns people are asking for and noticing in conversations what they are being ordered to make. Just observe and you will get lots of ideas for your next craft fair! Check out the bigger Facebook groups in your craft area, and observe. 


Do you have any additional tips? Please share in the comments.


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